We want to be one of the main trading companies of ceramic tiles within a reasonable time, with benchmark in quality and design, offering a good service and value adequate, focusing on exceptional service to our customers worldwide.


Satisfy the desires of modern design and quality of materials, making the tastes of our customers in reality, with the specific commitment of our professionalism, doing well the business ethics in the treatment and service to both our customers and other interested.


We are a team of professionals with initiative, motivated, identified with the project of the company, continuing professional development, with extensive experience in ceramics and have taken up the challenge of bringing Valentia Ceramics to a position of industry leadership team.


Innovation and design

The use of new technologies in our products makes our catalog a collection of modern design and high quality standards.


We are picky. The product as a part of the brand is subject to specific control measures in design, production and distribution.


Seriously with the commitment to our customers, besides quality and design, we offer our service commitment for them.


In continuous searching for our customers satisfaction and in attitude of collaboration and trust with our suppliers.

Valentia Ceramics cares about sustainability, and therefore assumes the commitment to market only products in whose elaboration has taken all measures to improve the habitability of the planet.